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Just Reading the Tarot with Sheila Tanenbaum

$30 a week

Come join us and develop a greater ability to read the Tarot. We will explore ways of expanding our receptiveness in reading the cards with accuracy and confidence. Each week Sheila will be sharing new information and techniques while guiding and assisting with the readings. Open to all levels of students and anyone interested in getting some Tarot reading practice.

6/4 – Your Spiritual Journey
In this class, we will learn how each card of the Major Arcana signifies each step you will take on your journey to Enlightenment. You will begin to sense where you are on your spiritual path and where you need to make movement in order to reach your highest goal. We will be using the Chariots Path Spread and the Rainbow Layout.

6/18 – Native American Tarot
In this class, we will be using the Medicine Cards and Sacred Path Cards in conjunction with the Universal Ryder Waite Tarot in order to receive messages from our animal Guides in the Nine Totem Animal Spread and the Vision Maker Spread.

6/25- Opening to Receive – using various Tarot decks
In this class, we will be using a variety of decks with simple spreads in order to expand our willingness to receive what Spirit is telling us.

The Healing Light Resource Center
27225 Camp Plenty Rd. Suite 5
Canyon Country  California  91351
United States