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Bulldog Bolts From Illegal Fireworks

Bloodhound coming in to search for missing pet.


A Canyon Country family is heartbroken because their beloved bulldog Roxy ran away Saturday night after children playing with fireworks nearby scared the dog.


Roxy Spears is missing! If you see her, call 904-8161


“She was in the backyard, where we have two gates on either side,” said owner Renee Spears. “My husband and I thought we’d go out to a movie, grab some Baja Fresh. We have a game when we come home, where we go out back and she greets us.

When we pulled up in the driveway, my husband said ‘Oh my god, the gate is open.’ I was just shaking.”

Renee and Rick immediately started asking neighbors if they had seen the dog, which Renee walks every night. They posted flyers on every street post and talked with anyone who was out in the late evening.

“Not one person saw a loose dog,” she said. “But after we started pounding on doors someone told us that kids were shooting off fireworks at the neighborhood park (near their house). We know she doesn’t react well to fireworks, so that must have been what scared her.”

The Spears knew that dogs sometimes turned up at the Animal Shelter after running away, so they were at the Castaic shelter Monday morning at 8:30 a.m., anxiously waiting for the shelter to open, but Roxy wasn’t there.

Roxy celebrates Christmas


“We were beside ourselves,” Renee said. “We were desperate and we weren’t going to give up. She’s our baby.”

Rick called the sheriff’s department for advice and was told by an understanding detective about a bloodhound service that had a pretty good success rate. They called Lost Pet Detection and spoke with owner Landa Coldiron, who agreed to bring her bloodhound, Ellie Mae, to the Spears home for a search.

“She is starting at 6 a.m. because the dogs don’t do well in the heat,” Renee said. “She can’t guarantee she’ll find Roxy, but we’re willing to try anything.”

Ellie Mae is the only dog in California certified in searching for lost animals (most search dogs specialize in humans).

If you see Roxy, call Spears at 904-8161.

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KHTS will be at the scene of the search on Wednesday morning – watch this site for an updated report.