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Assemblyman Scott Wilk Talks About Student Protection Bill During Weekly Report

Assemblyman Scott Wilk discussed the Student Protection Bill and Affordable Care Act during his Weekly Updates on Wednesday.

Assemblyman Wilk and Assemblyman Steve Fox will be having a Town Hall Meeting on June 15 to discuss the Chloride issue. Members from different branches of our local government will be presenting at the meeting in hopes of coming to a conclusion.

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The meeting will be held at the Santa Clarita Valley Activities Center. Having this meeting on a Saturday was a goal because other Town Hall Meetings are always on weekdays, which prevents many people from attending. The Santa Clarita Valley Sanitation District, Castaic Lake Water Agency and Newhall County Water District will all be present at the meeting.

Assemblyman Wilk wants the meeting to result in educating the public, further educating himself and Assemblyman Fox and getting some ideas to positively impact Sacramento. The City Council voted on June 4 to write a letter asking for an additional 30 days to allow for a public comment period. These additional 30 days will begin after June 24.

A Student Protection Bill was also proposed by Assemblyman Wilk, but was shot down.  Committee Chair, Joan Buchanan, has created her own bill, AB-375.

“[It] would be great if her bill was real reform, but her bill really isn’t real reform,” Assemblyman Wilk said. “The real reform measures are in mine.”

Assemblyman Wilk was working with the Superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District to improve the bill. The Superintendent is committed to making changes in the law and getting rid of bad teachers.

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“We are going to be amending it to make it even tighter than it is now to frankly make it hard for them not to vote for it,” Assemblyman Wilk said.

The Affordable Care Act will go into effect on January 1, 2014. Its purpose is to increase insurance affordability and lower the cost of health care.

“Obviously it is a very complicated issue,” Assemblyman Wilk said. “It is like a Rubik’s Cube.”

Assemblyman Wilk will be putting together an information session with some professionals from the California Association of Health Underwriters. This session will have an hour long program which will be followed by a question and answer section.

“I want to arm people with as much information as possible so that they can make the best decision for their business or for their family,” Assemblyman Wilk said.

For more information about what is going on in Sacramento, tune in to Assemblyman Scott Wilk’s Weekly Updates every Wednesday.

Assemblyman Scott Wilk Talks About Student Protection Bill During Weekly Report

Article: Assemblyman Scott Wilk Talks About Student Protection Bill During Weekly Report
Source: Santa Clarita News
Author: Rachael DiCicco