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Assemblyman Scott Wilk Talks About Upcoming Town Hall Meeting In Weekly Update

Assemblyman Scott Wilk had his weekly update on June 12 about an upcoming Town Hall Meeting to discuss the Environmental Impact Report on chloride levels.

The Town Hall Meeting will be held on June 15 at the Santa Clarita Activities Center with Assemblyman Wilk and Assemblyman Steve Fox from Palmdale. The meeting will have to do with the state’s request to reduce the levels of chloride in water.

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Assemblyman Wilk has two goals for creating the meeting. One is to have the meeting on a Saturday in order to get more people to attend since all the other meetings have been on weekdays. The other goal is to see if there is a legitimate role for them to play.

“There may be things that we can do to positively impact the situation, or potentially litigate it,” Assemblyman Wilk said.

At the meeting, the Santa Clarita Valley Sanitation District, the Newhall County Water District and the Castaic Lake Water Agency are all giving presentations.

The Santa Clarita Valley Sanitation District has until the end of October to create an Environmental Impact Report about how they are going to reduce their chloride levels. To avoid creating an EIR, they could sue, say they are not going to do it or use administrative amenities to allow for a delay. This will impact the rates that people are going to pay, especially businesses.

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Assemblyman Wilk is still waiting to find out what the state budget is going to be. The budget is being debated by the Governor, the Speaker, the Assembly, the Senate Pro Tem and the California Teachers Association. The law states that a bill must be in print for 24 hours before they can vote on it.

“I think that it’s outrageous that you get less than 24 hours to review a document that is 1,500 pages long,” Assemblyman Wilk said.

Assemblyman Wilk announced that Chris Fall of Lighting, Efficiency and Design Inc, is to represent the 38th Assembly District as the Small Business of the Year.

California’s energy policy has 5 pillars, and the number one is energy efficiency, which is something that Fall is doing really well with. Fall is also a “phenomenal community leader,” Assemblyman Wilk said. Fall recently chaired a Boys and Girls Club Auction.

“Chris is doing a great job in terms of providing companies a way to save energy,”Assemblyman Wilk said.

For more information about Assemblyman Wilk and what is going on in Sacramento, tune into Assemblyman Scott Wilk’s Weekly Updates every Wednesday at 5:10.

Assemblyman Scott Wilk Talks About Upcoming Town Hall Meeting In Weekly Update

Article: Assemblyman Scott Wilk Talks About Upcoming Town Hall Meeting In Weekly Update
Source: Santa Clarita News
Author: Rachael DiCicco