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Hometown Recipes: Peach And Almond Rustic Tartlets

By Erin Walgamuth

Don’t you love the aroma of a summer peach? I have had four sitting on my kitchen counter for about a week now, their lovely fragrance is the first thing I smell when I walk into the kitchen each morning….well, besides the coffee. They needed to be eaten so I decided to make some little tarts.

July 31 2011: Diamondbacks Beat The Dodgers 6-3

The game stayed a stalemate through to the Top of the Second, where the Arizona Diamondbacks' Roberts and Parra both struck homers bringing the score to 2-0. Dodgers still struggling to catch up in the Top of the Fourth Inning where Parra scored again, bringing the Diamondback to 3-0 until Dioner Navarro made the first score for the Dodgers bringing us to 3-1. Next, when the Diamondbacks took the plate in in the Top of the Fifth, Kelly Johnson scored making the tally 4-1.

Window Treatments For Your Bathroom

Bathroom_Pic1Our bathrooms are supposed to be a quiet and peaceful space to retreat to when we need a moment to ourselves. Many of us don’t see the need to decorate it because it’s not the focal point of our home.

A Simple Way To Add Style To Your Home

If you are currently remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, recessed lighting may be key in both the function and style of the space.800px-Light_Bulb

Recessed lighting offers a clean look to your home—eliminating the need for floor or table lights. Recessed lighting can open up spaces making rooms appear larger.

Recessed lighting can also be adjustable to aim light at a piece of artwork or for accent lighting.

July 30 2011: Diamondbacks Beat The Dodgers 6-4

The game started out as a pitching contest, with nothing to report until the Top of the Second Inning - where Brandon Allen scored bringing the Diamondbacks to the lead at 1-0. When the Dodgers took the bat in the Third Inning - Tony Gwyen scored before Matt Kemp struck a homer through the park with Ethier was on 1st base, making the score 3-1. And then in the Bottom of the Fourth, Miles scored for the Dodgers bringing the score to 4-1.

Henry Mayo Hospital Sets Blood Drive August 11

blood_drive2Whether it’s an automobile accident injury or someone with a life-threatening illness, every time an ambulance rushes to the hospital with the siren alerting its approach, there’s a possibility that the individual on board needs blood.


New Certificate Program Launched For Healthy Aging

COClogoIn an effort to provide better care for the community’s aging population, while simultaneously preparing students for careers in the fields of aging services and gerontology, this fall College of the Canyons will introduce its new Skills for Healthy Aging Resources and Programs (SHARP) certificate program.

Builders Applaud Lancaster New Fee System For Construction

new-houseSouthern California homebuilders applauded the decision by the city of Lancaster last week to reduce and delay development fees and urged other communities in the region to quickly follow suit.




The Do's And Dont's Of Fine Furniture

fine_furniture_picKeeping yourself cool this summer in the Santa Clarita valley is one thing, but protecting your treasured furniture from the sweltering heat, is a whole different story.