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Dodgers Lose 3-0

Tuesday, the Dodgers were shutout by the Colorado Rockies at Dodgers Stadium. The final score was 3 to 0.


Wednesday, The Rockies wrap up their series with the Rockies. Catch game three LIVE on AM-1220 KHTS beginning at 11:30 AM!

Boston Bats 118 In Column Winnings

altJohn Boston must have a trophy room in his Newhall home.

Where else do you keep more than 100 writing awards?

Saturday night, he brought home Number 118, for Best Humor Columnist for a newspaper with less than 100,000 circulation, from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists.

His win came for three columns out of four published during a recent stint at the local newspaper.


Noltemeyer Recalled From Board By Summit Homeowners

Homeowners in the Summit held a special election Monday night to determine whether board member Cam Noltemeyer would remain on the governing board of the homeowners association.

Noltemeyer, a community activist and former San Fernando City Council Member, had been the subject of a recall petition after an acrimonious six month stint on the board.

(Read about the original petition drive here).

Heat, Air Quality Warnings For Santa Clarita

Triple-digit temperatures combined with poor air conditions prompt health cautions.

Los Angeles County Public Health officials are issuing duel warnings to Santa Clarita residents.

The intense triple-digit heat poses a risk of illness, while poor air quality conditions can pose a threat to those with asthma or other breathing problems.

In dealing with the heat, residents should be proactive and aware of the risks.

How 4th Of July Celebrations Impact Your Pets

fireworksthumbFireworks can scare your animal senseless.

This 4th of July, the thunderous clamor of fireworks may be fun for you; however it is absolutely terrifying to most animals. Pet advocates across the U.S. are springing into action urging pet owners to keep their animals away from the major fireworks displays.


McKeon Praises Troops For Work In Iraq

buckmckeonToday, American combat forces withdrew from Baghdad and other urban areas of Iraq. Iraqi security forces have taken control of all major cities; a small number of U.S. forces will remain in training and advisory capacities for an undetermined length of time.

West Ranch Improves To 9-0 In Valley Invitational Baseball League


The West Ranch baseball team is the only undefeated team left in the Valley Invitational Baseball League.

West Ranch needed a six-run seventh inning to beat Hart, 9-6, on Friday. Matt Blake hit a two-run home run and Jared Ortiz, Josh Heinz and Randy Poe each had RBI singles in the seventh. With the win, West Ranch improved to 9-0 in the summer baseball league.

State Budget Approved To Fail

news_politicsIn a rare Sunday night session the California State Assembly managed to pass a bill closing the state's budget deficit, albeit by means that the Governor and state Republicans disapprove of.


Should the Senate use its Democratic majority to push it through as well, it will land on the Governor's desk just in time for him to veto it.


New Email Scam Hits Santa Clarita

news_specialreportHackers use local resident's personal email to ask for money.

You're sitting at your desk checking email, when you come across a message from a friend. That friend informs you that they are in London, and desperately need $2,000 wired to them. Sure you're first thought is "scam," but this isn't some Nigerian prince. It comes from your friend's email address and it has their name.


RJ Johnson Wins Third Super Trucks Race In A Row

R.J. Johnson, a driver from Canyon Country, won his third NASCAR Super Trucks race in a row at Toyota Speedway at Irwindale on Saturday night. The odds were not in his favor before the races started. He had to replace the shocks on his trucks and make other adjustments after qualifying. Johnson has been setting fast time in qualifying on a regular basis at the track, but on Saturday night, he was fourth.