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Increasing Clouds
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No Easy Solution For Benz Road

City Council will hold a special meeting to discuss the
large neighborhood issue.


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RV Sparks Small Brushfire

Sig Alert Issued On The Northbound 14

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High School Scoreboard 9-26 08

New School Boasts Top Technology

Classroom environment much different with new tools.

Dodgers Lose 6-5

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Dodgers lose 6-5 to the Giants. Catch Dodger baseball Saturday 5:30 pm on KHTS. 

Two More Arrests Made In Stabbing Incident

Arrest is third of suspected five involved in gang-related assault case.

Two men were arrested during a morning raid Thursday for
their part in a September 14 knife assault in Canyon Country.


Lombardi Ranch Back In Business

A year after the Buckweed fire devastated Lombardi Ranch, business is booming once again.

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McKeon Still Working On Bailout Plan

SCV representative takes issue with original plan.

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SCV Outdoor Report - Talking Trees

By Wendy Langhans
There’s a marvelous scene in The Wizard of Oz, where atalking apple tree slaps Dorothy’s hand and then asks her in a deep, gravellyvoice, “How would you like to have someone come along and pick something off ofyou?


But trees can’t really talk, can they?  Well maybe not “talk”, but as recent studiesin California suggest, they may“communicate” with other plants.