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Santa Clarita Delegation Returns from Washington, D.C.

A whirlwind two day trip to Washington, D.C. met with progress according to the small Santa Clarita delegation that traveled there this week, including Mayor Laurene Weste, Councilmember Bob Kellar, City Manager Ken Pulskamp and Intergovernmental Relations Officer Mike Murphy.

"The trip was well worth the time and I believe we are making progress on the CEMEX issue," reported Mayor Laurene Weste.

Tonight’s the Night: City Council Picks Replacement

Will that Rod Stewart song be playing in the background when the city takes the stage tonight to interview 5 candidates for Cameron Smyth’s seat? Probably not. But tonight is most likely the night that the city will know once and for all who will be the newest member of the Council.5 choices, one seat. The Special City Council meeting begins tonight at 5:30 and they will interview Bob Spierer, Bill Kennedy, Laurie Ender, Bill Bolde and Maria Gutzeit.

Santa Comes Early to SCV Food Pantry

A little more than a week ago, Food Pantry workers showed up to work, and were greeted by a pile of broken glass in front of their store. It wasn’t a burglary, it wasn’t an earthquake. It what may be more disappointing, it seemed as if it were merely an act of boredom.It is believed that a pellet gun had shot out the front window of the food pantry, and it was a big window at that. The window was a thick, exterior piece and it had lettering on it, which was the only means of identifying the food pantry. The cost to repair the damage stood at over $1,000. 

Last Call For Diversity Essay and Poster Contest

Monday December 11, 2006 is the deadline for those wishing to enter the City of Santa Clarita Seasons of Diversity Essay and Poster Contest. The contest theme What Makes Your Family the Same or Different From Another Family or What Makes Your Family Special may be addressed in either a poster or essay format.The contest is open to all school-aged children with a first – third, fourth – sixth, seventh – eighth, and ninth – twelfth grade categories. Monetary prizes will be awarded, with each first place prize category being $100. Winners will be recognized by the City council.

County Replacing Fleet With Hybrids

Los Angeles County Mayor Michael D. Antonovich announced that the County’s Internal Services Department has purchased 64 hybrid passenger sedans to replace gasoline-powered non-emergency vehicles in the County fleet. On July 1, the Board of Supervisors approved directed County departments to purchase the hybrid cars by the end of 2006 to conserve fuel and improve air quality.

Santa Clarita Plans Trip to Disney on Ice

The city is planning a trip down to the Arrowhead Pond on Thursday,  December 28th, to see Disney on Ice present a holiday program called “The Incredibles.” The Incredibles features Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters, on an adventure that takes the audience through some of the most classic set pieces in Disney history.
The trip includes transportation, and a ticket for lower section seating. The price is $50, and tickets are on sale now. You must register for the show no later than December 20th.

Senator George Runner Tapped to Head Republicans

As the new 2007-08 legislative session began yesterday, State Senator George Runner (R-Antelope Valley) was again selected to Chair the Senate Republican Caucus and confirmed by the full State Senate.

Canyon Country Little League Breathes New Life into Park

Canyon Country Little League has been around for a while. It’s a piece of Santa Clarita that many kids have passed through at some points in their lives, and it has taught countless numbers of children how to play America’s past time. 

But with age came uneven fields, an over worked canteen, and furry animals that like to dig holes in outfield grass.

That was the scene when the new board of directors took over. This time though, they opted to do something about it, so they gathered up the volunteers and started work.

DUI Checkpoint to Pop Up This Friday

Somewhere in Santa Clarita this Friday, a DUI checkpoint will be set up to catch drivers who have had too much to drink.

The checkpoints are designed to be a surprise, hence why the exact location has not been released.

If drivers happen to come upon a checkpoint, they likely won’t realize it until its too late. Cones will begin to narrow lanes and block in cars well before any signs of police are visible. This is to keep the offenders from exiting the area to avoid arrest.

Editorial: Cemex Battle Not Over

The following is a KHTS Editorial from KHTS owner, Carl Goldman.


As we weave through the holiday season, we have so much to be thankful for. We live in an incredible valley. One ranked as the best of the best. We have a stellar school system. We’re involved. We voice strong opinions from both sides of the spectrum, and back our opinions with positive actions.