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Antonovich Measure To Oppose 1/2 Cent Tax Approved

Measure to oppose tax passes with 3-2 vote.


On a 3-2 vote today, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved a motion by Supervisors Michael D. Antonovich and Gloria Molina to oppose the MTA’s proposed sales tax increase for its failure to distribute transportation dollars equitably. 


“Mayor Villaraigosa’s backroom tax scheme is Robin Hood in reverse,” said Antonovich.  “It takes from the poor and gives to the rich.  It forces County cities and unincorporated county taxpayers to fund the multi-billion dollar subway-to-the-sea.  The solution to our regional transportation crisis can only be achieved if developed by all parts of the County and includes vital transit needs.  The San Gabriel Valley and East Los Angeles Gold Lines need to be completed, as does the Green Line to LAX and the EXPO line.  Ignoring the Burbank Media District and a rail line to the Burbank Airport is wrong.  Ignoring the transportation needs of the Antelope, Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valleys is criminal.  Fighting to place the tax increase on the November ballot is a stupid waste of taxpayer money and is doomed to fail.”           


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Valley Performing Arts Center

Over the 30-year life of this sales tax increase, the Antelope and Santa Clarita Valleys will double in population and make up 11% of the County’s population, yet will receive only 5% of the project funding.  The San Gabriel Valley and Gateway Cities each have nearly 20% of the County’s population, and generate nearly 20% of the County’s sales taxes -- yet both areas were shortchanged hundreds of millions of dollars.  The San Fernando Valley represents over 15% of the County’s population but will only receive 5% of the total project funding -- depriving Valley residents 2/3 of its fair share of funding.”