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Are Sports Hurting Your Child, By Karena Thek Lineback


By: Karena Thek Lineback

Injuries are rampant in children’s sports. Competition is fierce. Practice times are increased.  Expectations are high. The coaches, having more children to work with than ever before, don’t have the time to correct form and without it, injury is inevitable.  When parents jump in to fill the coaching need, child physical development may not be an area of expertise. 

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That’s not okay when you have a coach giving children under 8 years old sit-ups or crunches before their abdominal wall has completely formed (resulting in hernias), or coaches that overtrain their team and someone ends up with tendonitis (which often lingers until the child stops growing).  Or what about the high work loads being placed on the low back when our children are little?  That could mean a lifetime back injury if there isn’t an early intervention.

We seem to have lost sight that a child’s body cannot take on the same demands as an adult’s body. A female body cannot take on the same demands as a male body. I remember when I was still dancing, and I was asked to lift one of the male dancers because the choreographer thought it would look ‘really cool’.  I’m 42 now, and I can tell you that ‘really cool’ was not worth it.  A career as a professional athlete is like no other. I wouldn’t trade my dance career in and I wouldn’t expect any child to forego a shot at the same.  But there is a proper way to help the muscles develop and proper development will only allow for better performance and higher achievements.

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We currently have a young cheerleader working with us. She is taking a break from her sport to help stop the pain at multiple joints.  We are helping her resolve the pain while maintaining her strength, endurance and flexibility.  Hopefully, soon, we’ll get her back to doing what she loves to do, safely and without pain. If you think your young athlete could use correction in muscular development, please don’t hesitate to call.

For more information, contact us at (661)260-1609

Are Sports Hurting Your Child, By Karena Thek Lineback

Article: Are Sports Hurting Your Child, By Karena Thek Lineback
Source: Santa Clarita News
Author: Andrew Delgado